Lapaz is populated by a large variety of different species of animals. Primarily animals that live in Armenia and the northern reaches of the Middle East. Lapaz has a vaguely eastern Europe feel, with some Armenian/Georgian oddities thrown in.

List of herbivore mammal Species- Makes up the majority of settled Lapaz society

• Rabbits (newer to the area than other species)

• Porcupine

• Squirrel

• Dormouse

• Jerboa (A jumping mouse with large hindlegs)

• Vole

• Pika (small and squat, long nose)

• Shrew

• Hedgehogs

• Bats

List of Predatory mammal Species Are violent murderers, but can talk and sometimes work for herbivores if you pay them enough. They have their own societies, often nomadic or tribal. Their power and ferocity often means they don’t need to settle down and build a society. Think mercenaries.

• Weasels

• Martens

• Badgers

List of mythological horrifying beasts Rarely take notice of the smaller creatures as anything other than food, primarily just kill them; often live far off from settled lands. Little is known about them.

• Leopards

• Lynx

• Snakes

Huge beasts that ignore many other animals

• Wild Horses

• Cattle

• Deer

• Bears

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