Uses Tin, Copper, and Iron. Gold and Silver are considered mythological, feature prominently in religion, and if discovered would never be used for money due to the religious connotations.

Top level-Tin Tin is one of the rarest of the stable metals found in Lapaz, the nation Remy is born and lives in.

• The Tin Fist: They have not been minted by the Central bank since the 15th decade due to the incredible value and hefty size, and are quite rare. A single Fist is enough to rent a reasonably nice warren for a year, or enough food for a half a year. The standard yearly income for peasant farmer is 2 fists. The majority of the Tin Fists are used for government purposes to back currency in banks. o Coins are circular, 5 mm across, 2mm thick. o Printed on them is image of an Ape Fist, symbolizing the power of the massive godlike beasts.

• Tin Dollar: Coin is 2 mm across, 1mm thick. 10 dollars to 1 fist. One of the most used Tin coins.

• Tin Bars: Rectangular bar 3mm long, 1mm wide, and extremely thin, barely a tenth of a millimeter. Worth the same as a Copper Dollar, so 15 bars to 1 Tin Dollar. Due to the thinness this piece is almost exclusively used when needing to recast Tin Dollars to make change if no copper is available.

Mid Level-Copper Copper is the most used currency metal in Lapaz. There are vast mines within the kingdom. Due to the danger of the mining, and the skill needed to refine it, it is still more valuable than the equally available iron.

• Copper Dollars: 2 mm across, 1 mm thick. 15 Copper Dollars to 1 Tin Dollar. Still a decent chunk of money, enough to feed a family for a week.

• Copper Pennies: 1 mm across, 0.5 mm thick. A highly squat circular coin with the corners often clipped off to create a more circular shape and to maintain the proper weight. 10 copper pennies to 1 copper dollar. Most common coin in Lapaz.

Low Level-Iron Iron is a highly plentiful metal in Lapaz, and is considered valuable, but is still used more for its use in tools than as a wealth sink. Still, for everyday transactions it is a highly used metal.

• Iron Pennies: 50 Iron Pennies to the Copper Dollar, or 5 to the Copper Penny. Enough for your standard loaf of peasant’s bread. Are 2mm across, 0.5 mm thick.

• Iron Half Pennies: 1.5 mm across, 0.5 mm thick. Worth half an Iron Penny. Barely enough for a scrap of food. Used primarily for making change.

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