Culture of Lapaz The nation is a landlocked area primarily covered in hills, valleys, and shrubland. There are some sporadic though minor forests. People The primary civilization of the nation is made up of Rabbits and other small rodents and birds. They are the ones here that have the highest intelligence and tool usage, and construct things that we often associate with civilization. The rabbits of Lapaz have technology roughly comparable to the Roman era of Europe in human development. Rabbits here are noted for these actions. • They are still physically rabbits in all ways that matter. They are between 1 foot and 1 and a half feet tall (slightly larger than the average real world rabbit), have very small amounts of strength due to their size. They can run fast, and can primarily use their mouths for tool usage. They have managed to work with their forepaws a small amount, but with far less precision than humans. These rabbits have the same level of intelligence as humans, which is hand waved away. They are sentient, understand themselves and others, understand complex emotions, and can create art. • They wear clothing o Vests and cloaks, are used for fashion as well as extra warmth.  Weaving is done on a home by home, rabbit by rabbit level. It is a very personal thing, and industrialization of this product doesn’t exist yet.  Not wearing clothing of some sort or another is considered improper in modern Rabbit society. o Packs: Straw woven bags they can wear on their backs to carry small items. • They use tools (with their mouths) o Iron: Rabbit Blacksmiths use their meager skill to work Iron into a variety of tools, including knives and farming implements.  Blacksmithing is a highly dangerous skill, as the Rabbit’s small size and inability to easily control a fire. Metal working is almost exclusively controlled by governments and wealthy lords. Larger animals are often contracted for assistance maintaining the dangerous fires. There are designated locations where blacksmithing is allowed to be practiced. • Official Blacksmiths have an almost religious air around them due to their ability to work with metal and fire. They make their own Metal broaches that they pin their cloaks with. It signifies their skill and importance. o Wood: Much more common working material. Your average home is made of wood, majority of tools used by peasant farmers is wooden. o Stone: Given the same prestige as blacksmithing is in medieval society. There is a stonemason in every town, and while respected is just another man of a trade. Stone tools are more common than metal tools, but only because of the abundance of stoneworkers.  Rabbit Stonemasons use their strong legs to break stone using stone or iron foot picks. • Housing o Rabbits live in warrens underground, but these are often structures made of wood or stone. The rabbit psychology is still rooted in their behavior as wild creatures running from predators and living underground. So despite the fact that they now know how to work Iron to make weapons and have farms, they still are wild animals in a lot of ways.

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